Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Weigh-In Wednesday #12!

Starting Weight: 225
Last Week's Weight: 205
Current Weight: 205 (same!)
Total Weight Loss: 20 pounds

Goal Weight: 145
Weight Remaining: 60

I've lost... nothing!  But that's okay.  I've hardly had time to do anything, let alone exercise lately.  Still, I'm proud that I was able to maintain my weight through a Florida/Disney World vacation, a week of being horribly sick, and starting a new job that required 80 miles of travel per day.  Now that my training period is over, I'm finally getting settled into the routine of my new job.  This is the first week, so there's a lot to learn and it's pretty overwhelming.  I'm also traveling farther than I ever have for a job before.  (Though thankfully a lot less than the 80 miles I was traveling for my training).  I haven't figured out a good way to incorporate gym time into my new schedule yet, but don't worry, I will.  I was letting myself get used to the new job, but now it's really time to figure it out.

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