Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Perils of Running Outside

So I've been running outside every morning before work.  I really enjoy running outside, even though it's way harder than on a machine.  On the elliptical at the gym, I can run four miles, but outside I have only managed two.  Still, I like being outside.  It's nice to see the squirrels scamper in the morning and then sun come up.  There's also a cool camaraderie that exists between other early-morning runners that I really like.  The nod and little wave while still running is really encouraging.  Plus, and this may be in my own head, but I feel like there's a twinkle in every person's eye that I run past that says, "AH IT'S EARLY WHAT ARE WE DOING!?"  Or maybe that's just me.

BUT!  One of the things I hate most about running is Monday mornings.  Which is garbage collection day.  Since yesterday was a holiday, today was that day.  I cannot explain how disgusting it is to run past all those stinking garbage cans.  It's really nauseating.  And of course I'm breathing hard because I'm running and that only makes it worse.  Groooosssssss!!!!


  1. I find it's more interesting to run outside. I live in the country and there are beautiful trees and fields and animals all over. Plus the inclines are subtle but make you work hard!

    1. I agree! Luckily, I also live in a pretty rural place, so there's always plenty of trees, flowers, and animals to watch. I also have a hill to go up and down on the path I follow, which is always a challenge!