Sunday, April 24, 2011

Back from Vacation!

My vacation was exceedingly nice, especially since my semester has been particularly rough.  I'm not certain if I mentioned this before, but I'm a senior in college, so this is my final semester.  This means thesis writing, papers, tests--all on top of preparing for graduation and entering the "real world."  It's overwhelming and exhausting, really.

Anyway, I will admit that my food choices were certainly not the healthiest over my vacation.  However, I did walk quite a few miles and swim over the holiday, so I won't say it was completely awful.  As I graduate in 2.5 weeks though, I need to really start hunkering down and focusing on my eating habits.  Earlier last year, I bought a white eyelet dress that is 1-2 sizes too small for me.  I did this for two reasons, one--it's really pretty, and was only around 10 dollars.  And two, if I want to wear it to graduation, I'll have to lose weight.  I call it my "wish dress,"  and over the year, as I've made healthier choices and exercised on a much more regular basis, I'm to the point where I'm actually quite close to fitting into it.  :)

Also--Happy Easter to all who are celebrating today!  :)  I really love Easter, it's such a happy holiday in my opinion.  My friend's mother who I stayed with over the break organized a little Easter egg hunt for my friend and I, which was so much fun and also gave us Easter baskets.  Which brings me to an issue--what to do with all this Easter candy?  I don't mind eating a couple pieces, it's a holiday after all, and I don't eat candy very often.  But I have a whole little container full of chocolate in all its various forms.  Throwing it away seems wasteful.  Any suggestions??

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