Monday, April 18, 2011

First Post!!

Hello!  My name is Miss W, and I'm a senior in college.  I've decided to blog about my attempt to change the way I eat.  I've been inspired by others, such as the Let's Move Campaign by Mrs. Obama, as well as other bloggers and friends who are doing much the same.

I've named this blog "No More Self-Control" because of something a friend said months ago as we were eating in our school's cafeteria.  She had finished her meal, and was simply waiting for the rest of the table to also finish, when she suddenly got up and announced, "Since I have no self-control, I'm going to visit the dessert table."  It was funny at the time, of course, but later I began thinking--it's true.  We have lost the ability to simply refuse to eat something if it's there.  We eat like it's a holiday, everyday.

As an overweight girl myself, I have long struggled with eating.  I began eating a lot when I was about 12 or so, because my parents were going through a nasty divorce and food was simply comforting.  I fully recognize that I still find it a comfort, but I also understand that I need to find other means of finding that feeling that don't including consuming hundreds of calories.

Thus, I am starting this blog, to help encourage me to keep up with what I'm about to undertake.  Which is, by the way, not a diet.  A diet is something people go on for a time with the eventual hope of eating "normally again."  No, I'm changing how I think about food and what I put in my body for my life, so that I can live longer and healthier.

I plan on updating with some pictures of my cafeteria food every now and then, so you can see what the type of food we're served at the college level.  Bon Appetit!

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  1. You along with Mrs. Q and other bloggers have inspired me to create a blog about my food as well. It will keep me on track with what im more donut runs to I wish u good luck!