Sunday, January 6, 2013

Exercise Restart

Now that I've renewed my gym membership, I started going back to Zumba class again.  My body is painfully reminding me that I haven't been in long time .___.;;

However!  I find that I still really like Zumba.  The songs and dancing make the hour go by pretty fast and my instructors seem to do a good job of alternating between really fast songs and slightly slower ones, which gives you a chance to cool down slightly.

I was really scared to try any fitness class for a long time. I'll admit to some weird phobia about being watched when I workout.  It's irrational, but I feel like everyone is silently judging me if I don't stay on the elliptical machine long enough or can't lift enough weight.  This is so stupid, I know, but I guess that's why they call them irrational fears.

Anyway, I'm mentioning this because I shouldn't have let my fears stop me from trying something new.  And I think maybe a lot of people have this fear which prevents them from popping in and joining a fitness class.  But let's get real.  You're in there sweating, focusing on your heartbeat, and trying desperately to mimic the instructor.  No one cares how you look or how well you're doing.  So get out there and try something :)  You might just like it.

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