Saturday, May 19, 2012

Being Tested

Today was the ultimate test for the fat girl.  It was a very nice day, sunny and 91 degrees, but with a good cool breeze.  My friend and I decided to go window shopping around our town.  It's a small, historical town with oodles of little adorable shops.  Plus, I figured it would be a good way to get some more exercise in with all the walking. 

What it turned out to be, however, was a day full of temptations.  First of all, my friend was hungry so she immediately went to grab a bite to eat at a place famously known for its burgers and boardwalk fries.  She got a cheeseburger that smelled like heaven.  It was around 3:30, and I had eaten lunch and even made sure to have a snack before I left the house so I stood firm and ordered nothing.  I even declined to have a bite when my friend offered.  But that was just the first of the temptations. 

A little while later, my friend tugged me into a local fudge shop.  Fudge.  Homemade fudge.  It smelled glorious.  My friend got a half a slice for her dessert, and I wanted to cave so. badly.  I love fudge.  I love chocolate.  I certainly love double chocolate fudge.  Instead, I settled for a small sample of some sugar-free fudge.  (which was actually heavenly). 

The third temptation was 100% my fault.  Our little town has it's very own cupcake shop now, and I've been dying to go and check it out.  Naturally, as soon as I walked in, I was immediately assaulted by the cuteness of cupcakes with their colorful frostings and glittering toppings.  It was a really cute shop.  And I noticed that they also have mini-cupcakes, in case I want to ever let myself have a treat.  This time, however, I left the shop empty-handed. 

The last temptation came in the form of an Adult Beverage.  The county I live in has a winery, and today was apparently a free wine tasting day.  Naturally, we had to peruse their products.  I let myself sample some of their wines.  I'm not a huge wine fan, unless it's super sweet, but the wines they had were really good.  What was really hard to pass up was their special of the day: Apple Blossom Sangria.  Sangria!  I love sangria.  I did get a little sample, which was very good, but skipped buying a whole glass.  (My friend and I did pick up the recipe for it, though!)

Now, it was getting close to 7:00 by now and I was getting those rumblings in my stomach.  I stopped in a shop that had some locally made hard pretzels for sale, and bought a pack of two.  I let myself eat one of them for a snack. 

But you know what?  Even though I would have really enjoyed having a cheeseburger or fudge or a glass of sangria, I'm enjoying my sense of satisfaction that I was able to say no and make better decisions.  Besides, I'm going to love my new body way more than and for way longer than I could ever have enjoyed the fudge.

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