Sunday, July 1, 2012

Fund Raisers

Why is it that fund raisers always seem to sell really unhealthy food?  Bake sales full of cookies and pies, hot dogs and hamburgers, chips, pizza, those awfully tempting Girl Scout Cookies... it seems we're constantly being assaulted with readily available and cheap fatty foods--all for a good cause, of course.  It's almost ironic. All the cookies, pies, refined grains, sugars and meats being sold at these fund raisers are probably taking no small role in creating the various cancers/diseases that they're trying to support.

I was leaving the grocery store last week, and was immediately stopped and asked if I wanted to buy a hot dog and bag of chips for $1.00 to support a children's hospital.  This was sort of a no-brainer, of course.  A hot dog on a refined white flour bun, served with a greasy bag of salt laden potato chips?  Oh, and how about an ice cold regular soda to wash it down?  It was really telling how far I've come along since starting to eat healthy that I was almost disgusted to even be offered that food.  But instead of screaming at them to stop advertising their temptations, I politely declined and simply donated a dollar.  The girl did give me a very strange look, but oh well.  That decision was way better for my waist-line.

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