Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Weigh-In Wednesday #8!

Starting Weight: 225
Last Week's Weight: 211
Current Weight: 209 (-2 pounds!!)
Total Weight Loss: 16

Goal Weight: 145
Weight Remaining: 64

Oh snap, I'm under 210.  While I'm really excited about this... is it a little dumb that I kinda wanted to lose just one pound this week?  Somehow, saying I've lost 15 pounds sounds so much better than 16.  Maybe because 15 pounds is a nice goal-sounding number.  How many people start a diet and say, "I want to lose exactly 16 pounds."  That's just silly.  I feel like saying, "I've lost 15 pounds," sounds like I'm saying, I've met some sort of goal.  16 pounds seems like I'm working my way up to 20 but I haven't gotten there yet.  Which is true, but still.  This is all ridiculous.  I'm happy and I'll take whatever weight-loss comes to me.  Please ignore these silly ramblings.

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