Friday, June 22, 2012

I caved...

I resisted for a good while, but in the end, I gave up.  Yesterday, I purchased a gym membership.  It hurt, the amount I had to pay.  It was nearly $100 for just a month's worth, because there was a $50 joining fee.  Now, I won't have to pay that again, but still.  I, unfortunately, do not get paid very much, so that's a lot of money to just shell out.

That being said, I'm pretty glad I have it.  Yesterday, the temperature reached 102 degrees, which is impossible to run in.  But with my handy-dandy new membership card, I was able to run on the elliptical in the comfort of an air conditioned room.  I also got to use the bikes, which I've always liked and use the weight machines.  I haven't done weights since I left college and the lovely free-gym I had access to.  Believe me, my body is reminding me it's been a year since it's had to stretch those muscles.  *ouch*

The gym was, however, very intimidating to me.  At college, it was no big deal, really.  I would go with one or two of my friends and we went during times when we knew it wasn't crowded.  But this is new, uncharted territory to me.  And I have to go alone.  I felt huge in my black work-out shorts and shirt, especially next to the thirty-ish woman in her skin-tight tank top and yoga pants.  And there were lots of men there, lifting weights, running for ridiculous amounts of time on the treadmills, and generally making me feel uncomfortable.

In college, the gym class I took was called Fitness Programs for Women, which I adored because I didn't have to be near the boys.  Now, I'm thrown in with them, and it's really intimidating.  I'm so proud of myself in that I didn't let it stop me from using the gym.  Sure, I used the elliptical that was in the furthest corner of the gym, and carefully plotted my weight machine use so that no one was near them, but I still worked out.  From the intense soreness in my muscles today, I'm guessing I definitely accomplished something.

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