Saturday, June 9, 2012


Having goals is an important thing, but the reasons behind reaching them are just important, in my opinion.  So, just to remind myself, I've made a little list to remind me (in no particular order) of why I want to lose weight.

Top 10 Reasons I Want To Be Thinner/Get In Shape

1.    Be in good health
2.    Better self-esteem
3.    Easier to buy clothes
4.    Fit into my 'wish clothes'
5.    Be able to run a 5K
6.    Go swimming**
7.    Feel more energetic
8.    Not fear mirrors
9.    Save money
10.  Stop limiting myself

**although swimming is one of my favorite activities, I'm too embarrassed to be seen in a swimsuit, so I haven't been to a pool in years**

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