Saturday, June 2, 2012


I remember learning in school at some point, that back in the day, women used to spend something like 80% of their time cooking.  Now that I'm really trying to eat healthy all the time, I can kinda feel their pain. 

Currently, I work three jobs.  My main job's shifts are usually either 9 or 10 hours long.  Days off are very rare for me.  Finding time to put into exercising and making wholesome meals has been very difficult.  Yesterday, I let myself buy lunch instead of packing it.  I chose Subway, which seems like the best option as far as fast-food goes.  I stayed away from mayonnaise and cheese, and packed my sandwich full of veggies.

Still.  I miss the convenience of eating poorly.  I wonder if that's not the reason so much of America is overweight.  We are just so busy all the time, and really, eating unhealthy food is way faster, more convenient, and cheaper.  And it tastes soooo good.  So I'll freely own up to the fact that I miss all the 'bad' food. 

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