Monday, June 18, 2012

Special Occasions

Social events are hard in that they always seem to involve food, and a lot of it.  And it's hard to sit there while everyone else is nomming down their cookies and chips and either nibble a carrot or opt out if there aren't really any 'good' choices.

Yesterday was one of my best friend's graduation party.  I haven't seen that much food in a long time.  Entire racks of ribs, fajitas, two whole chickens, steak... and that's just the meat!  I did fairly well... until I saw the chocolate fountain.  I really love chocolate.  It's definitely a weakness of mine.  I let myself have two of the homemade tortillas with some meat, some grilled zucchini, corn and bean salad, rice and beans (did I mention she's Mexican?).  I let myself have a piece of strawberry cake and a few things from the chocolate fountain.

I could have done better, I know.  That damned chocolate fountain was just bubbling and gurgling decadently.  But on the other hand, I know I could have done far, far worse.  I got one plate of food and stopped after that.  I had dessert, yes, but only one serving.  I can tell you that I definitely wouldn't have stopped there before changing my eating habits.  I would have likely eaten a whole stack of tortillas, a mound of rice, lots of chips. 

I probably still gained weight.  I don't lose weight easily, and eating such rich food is not going to help.  (and it's wreaking havoc on my digestive system today).  But I can see how I'm changing.  My choices are more thought-out.  My focus was more on the conversation around me, than what was on my plate.

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